Each action is painstakingly prepared, regulated, then played, then again regulated for a consistent touch throughout the entire instrument

Final adjustments and fine voicing of each instrument is done in a "quiet room". This offers each technician the opportunity to do this detailed work undisturbed for the best final product.


A truly balanced action

"I was really impressed with the Steinway M that was in your final prep. room; precise action, great sound, beautiful finish! That had to have been the best M I have ever played."
- Owen LovellProf. of Piano, 
U. of Wisconsin, Eau Claire

Every pianist has had the experience of auditioning a piano and feeling that the action was just not right.

As a pianist, or even as a professional piano technician, we are often unprepared to say why this occurs, other than matching the regulation and adjustment of the parts to the manufacturers specs.

But there is more to the equation... much more! 

Here at Cunningham Piano Company we have invested substantial time and expense into the study of what makes an action even, responsive, and perfect for the pianist, In short, our goal is to offer our clients a truly balanced action. This means that each note possesses the exact proportions of hammer weight, hammer leverage, key balancing weight, and frictional resistance. Once calibrated to these specifications, the piano takes on the expected characteristic feel, with an extremely consistent response from note to note.

This does not happen by accident and takes a substantial amount of extra time, analysis, and investment, but the result is undeniably different.

Please consider this an invitation to stop by and learn more.

A new keyset and key frame are beginning to be prepared for installation


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