An example of an 1870 Knabe concert grand piano that has had custom veneer work and a custom polyester finish at our customer's request

This is a new Cunningham Piano - the first of a new Artists Series that is in limited production. This offers an unparalleled value of instrument and furniture.  All of the limited edition cabinetry is made here in the USA!


cabinet and finishing - Traditional reproduction with Cutting edge technology

All work is done here on our premises and all our finishing is custom.

We have many tools in our arsenal, when it comes to our abilities and preferences in making a fantastic musical instrument into a piece of fine visual art.

Our expert finishing staff has performed warranty work for Bosendorfer, Estonia, Mason & Hamlin,  Baldwin and others. They are acknowledged experts in using a variety of finishing materials from traditional shellac, varnish, and lacquers, to state of the art resins, including polyester. 

Here at Cunningham Piano Company we always have a specific goal in mind when performing cabinet restoration on a specific piano. The choice materials we use for veneer work, staining, and actual finishing may differ depending on what we feel can bring out the best in an instrument.

Our customers are also able to choose custom stains, colors, grains, and finishes for a unique result that is exclusively theirs.

Custom cabinet work in rosewood on an 1870's concert grand piano.


Steinway concert grand in custom finished ebony and rosewood 


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