Hammond organs

Mr. Milo Morris, singer and organist, is our dedicated church representative. He is available to help with any questions in regards to Hammond product and is happy to visit your congregation and make the best recommendations for your house of worship.

Here at Cunningham Piano Company, we have worked with many performers in every genre of music, from classical pianists, jazz artists, gospel musicians, and pop players. Although not many classical pianists have experience with this organ, there is a core group of players from almost every other category of pianists and keyboard players that agree on one thing:

"The sound that a Hammond organ can give simply cannot be cheaply replicated".

Sure there have been imitators, there have been "knock-offs", but we feel that nothing matches the tone and the feel of the genuine Hammond organ.

Cunningham Piano Company may be staffed by piano rebuilders and technicians... but we are also musicians. We have been an active part of Philadelphia's musical scene for many years as providers of instruments, as performers, and as teachers - so when it comes to the Hammond organ, we became the Mid Atlantic regional dealer simply because it is fun!

Consider this an invitation stop by and learn all that the Hammond sound can do.