The legendary Plexiglass Grand Piano by Schimmel - available on a limited basis by special order only

The PEGASIS - One of the world's boldest design concepts anywhere


The Schimmel K213 has become an incredibly popular choice in our region... and all over the USA. 

Schimmel pianos, Traditionally hand built using today's finest technology


Wilhelm Schimmel built his first piano in Liepzig in 1885. His instruments were impressive their advanced technique, excellent tone, and balanced form. In 1927, his son Wilhelm Arno Schimmel took over management of the company and moved to Braunschweig, Germany.

From the new factory location, the Schimmel company introduced innovations and new designs which appealed to musicians and private owners alike. By the end of the 1950's, the Schimmel instruments were the most frequently purchased pianos produced in Germany - and were being sent worldwide.

Nikolaus Schimmel

In 1961 Nicklous W. Schimmel (pictured right) became head of the company and, under his guidance, Schimmel saw an unprecedented period expansion take place. To the company's advantage, Braunschweig was fast becoming a center for scientific research. In fact, today the region has become recognized for having the largest concentration of scientific research for all of Europe and is home to The Technical University of Braunschweig, Germany's oldest and most respected scientific research facility. 

Driven to continually improve his product, Nicklaus Schimmel took full advantage of the scientific community around him. This culminated with a total reengineering of the instrument by The Schimmel company and in 2006, The Konzert Series was formally introduced.

The result has been called "a perfect blend of art and science".


"Konzert" translated to English is "Concert" and this series of pianos has introduced a consistency in touch and tone throughout the different models previously unavailavable. Schimmel calls this effort the Trilogy Concept.

Simply stated, the best construction concepts in structure, action, and tone, have been consistently integrated into the smaller model series, where possible in identical construction.




 The Classic Series seeks to emulate Wilhelm Schimmel's single minded perseverance toward delivering the best. His customers could hear and feel the love and care with which his instruments were built. Right down to the present day, nothing has changed in this respect and these pianos continue to thrill music lovers world wide.