A beautiful custom made soundboard awaits installation into a grand piano

Each soundboard assembly is custom built and fitted to each piano  individually. This requires pain staking detail for the finest possible final perofrmance.

Bridges and individually cut by hand and bridge pins are carefully installed. This is the final step before restringing the piano.

The Soundboard assembly - The heart and soul of a piano's tone


The soundboard assembly of any performance piano must be worked with using great care. This is a part of a restoration that must be  thoughtfully considered. The end result so effects the final performance of an instrument and the resulting new assembly will either aid in the production of the most pleasing tone or impede it.

For this reason, we take into account all of the design and scale intentions of the original manufacturer before making final choices on our soundboard design.

When we are dealing with some of the world's finest scales our goal is simple. Take the time to reproduce the product as faithfully as possible. However, we occasionally have the opportunity to improve an instrument and it's design, which is quite exciting to us.

We will always use the finest materials, workmanship, and execution of a piano's design to offer the absolute most consistent end product to our clients. We invite you to tour our facilities and find out why our most discerning customers travel many hundreds of miles to choose Cunningham Piano Company.




This Steinway piano has been meticuoluosly measured, disassembled, and prepared for building and installation of a new soundboard. Careful measurement is the only way to assure the finest performance upon a completed installation.


Our final product is never rushed to meet a deadline and represents many weeks of aging materials, thought, and expertly trained labor.

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