Each C.E.U.S. is carefully tested and set up for "live" distance  performance capabilities. The movement of each hammer is recorded with an accuracy within a fraction of a millisecond.

C.E.U.S. by Bosendorfer

The sensors and controls on the C.E.U.S. are carefully integrated into the Bosendorfer piano, and are virtually invisible when the C.E.U.S. is not in use.

The C.E.U.S. by Bosendorfer represents the only true "performance reproducing system" available on an acoustic piano in the world today. The CEUS is used by conservatories and universities in the USA and Europe  because of its value in pedagogy and distance learning.

Each Bosendorfer that contains a C.E.U.S. is a custom installation that occurs in the Vienna factory by specially trained technician\engineers. The system, when installed, integrates seamlessly with the instrument. The tolerances of the installation are so carefully calculated that they offer results that are unavailable anywhere else in the world.  Simply run your fingertips very lightly over the keys - too light to even strike a note - and the CEUS will sense and reproduce your touch and the movement of the hammers. Simultaneously, the C.E.U.S. can reproduce your performance anywhere in the world!  This capability of the Ceus has made it a desirable addition to conservatories and universities that consider themselves to be among the finest in the world in both traditional performance and in training musicians for a career in the 21st century.

For a limited time, Cunningham Piano Company has one of these amazing systems on display in Bosendorfer's most famous instrument, The Imperial. 


This model of Bosendorfer, one of the most revered concert grand pianos in the world, has been called "more of an orchestra than a piano" and must be heard to be believed.

The Imperial is not only longer than most concert grand pianos, it also offers a greater range to the musician and the composer - a full 8 octaves - which stretches to a low C. That is a full 9 extra notes than virtually all other pianos.

This specific model has been so inspiring to musicians that there is a repertoire of music that has been written specifically for it. Composers like Béla Bartók, Ferruccio Busoni, Claude Debussy, Ernst von Dohnányi, Modest Mussorgsky, Maurice Ravel, Ralph Vaugn Williams, Richard Wagner, Arnold Scheonberg, and many others have written music that can only be properly realized on The Imperial.



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