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While the Yamaha CLP-535 is a great digital piano right out of the box, I suspect that most folks have never explored the advanced features of this Clavinova instrument, such as the ability to layer and split voices, and use the multi-track recorder to create richly layered songs.

Additional Features

  • GH3X (Graded Hammer 3X) keyboard with synthetic ivory keytops, with escapement
  • CFX & Bosendorfer Imperial piano samples
  • 34 instrument voices
  • Key-Off and String Resonance samples
  • 16-track, 250 song recorder
  • USB to DEVICE port
  • USB Audio and MIDI Recording/Playback
  • Full Dot LCD Display
  • Aux Line Input
  • Larger sound system with 2 speakers, 60W total
  • No separate power adapter required
  • New reverbs for dynamic ambiance
  • Dual/Split keyboard modes

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Yamaha C3X

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