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The Matchless


“Musical Standout & Good Value”

– “The Piano Book”, Larry Fine

The driving force of the Matchless Cunningham Piano is to address a present need – to offer a premium instrument that gives an artistic performance at an affordable price.  The positive feedback from our clients has been immediate. Our client list is as impressive as the piano itself. Schools, teachers, artists, and students have all given us the most impressive praise possible … they have invested in purchasing the New Matchless Cunningham piano for themselves.   After all, it is a part of Philadelphia history.

With the help of legendary piano designer George F. Emerson, the expert piano technicians of Cunningham’s piano family, and the award winning Ningbo Hailun Musical Instruments, the New Matchless Cunningham has been created from the ground up using the highest quality piano parts available and the best construction techniques. Building upon the traditions founded by Patrick J. Cunningham in 1891, the New Cunningham combines massive maple piano rims with wet sand cast plates that sing and sustain.

According to Larry Fine’s “Piano Buyer” Book, the New Matchless Cunningham was ranked as equivalent or better in quality than many models from Yamaha, Kawai, & Boston.  (Reference Here)    And his review of our piano can be found here.

Featured Pianos

Your Personal Piano Concierge

For folks who live too far away to visit us, we offer a free piano concierge service to help you find the perfect piano.

The Cunningham Concert Grand Piano

The Matchless Cunningham Concert Grand Piano is the result of over 120 years of manufacturing, rebuilding, and restoration experience.

A Piano Keyboard for Small Hands

In this video, we take a look at a piano keyboard for small hands, a Cunningham Parlour Grand fitted with a Donnison-Steinbuhler 7/8 reduced size keyboard.

The Cunningham Baby Grand Piano

The Cunningham Baby Grand Piano is a 5 foot piano that sounds much bigger than it looks, thanks to expert knowledge of materials and custom scale design.

How Pianos Are Like Fine Wines

Like fine wines, every acoustic is unique because of what it’s made of: organic materials that can vary by year, region, and the skill level of hand craftsmanship.

What I Love About The Cunningham Parlour Grand

Cunningham Piano Company has been around since 1891, and for much of its early history it made some of the finest American-built pianos.

Cunningham Concert Grand – 9′

For a concert hall, nothing less than nine feet can be considered. To the concert pianist, anything smaller is not a piano. The sheer volume that comes out of the Matchless Concert Grand is breathtaking. This Concert Grand does not just soar over a full orchestra, you...

Cunningham Parlour Grand – 5’10”

Overwhelmingly the choice of the professional musician, the Matchless Parlour Grand is designed to impress. At almost six feet in length, this is the ultimate instrument for both home and institutional use. Its substantial soundboard and extended strings allow for a...

Cunningham Studio Grand – 5’4″

At a length of 5' 4", this powerhouse Matchless Studio Grand is your dependable friend and your artistic colleague. With a special scale pattern that creates a perfectly smooth voice throughout all registers, this instrument is equally comfortable as the beginner’s...

Your Personal Piano Concierge

For folks who live too far away to visit us, we offer a free piano concierge service to help you find the perfect piano.

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