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Glee Club

A club for folks who love to sing together, have fun, and make friends.

Glee Club

Glee Club

From Broadway tunes to Doo-Wop, Barbershop to Handel’s “Messiah”, the Glee Club is your chance to experience the joys of group singing in a fun, relaxed atmosphere. Every month we will select a song to work on together, culminating in a group sing at the Cunningham Piano Company King of Prussia showroom.

Piano Club News

Keeping Up with The Cunningham Music School: New Program Announcements!

This September, we will be coming up on our first year of offering voice lessons and piano lessons! September will also mark a year of Early Ears Developmental Music and the beginning of the development of what would eventually become the Shining Stars...

Beyond the Basics: Four Things That Make Practicing Enjoyable

Happy happy happy Wednesday! Welcome to the THIRD (!!!) installment of Beyond the Basics. As a beginner in music lessons, you likely haven't spent a lot of time dedicated to practicing. It may seem daunting or intimidating, and it may even seem boring--I promise it is...

Beyond the Basics: Four Tricks to Make the Best Use of Your Lesson Time

Happy Wednesday and welcome back to Beyond the Basics! Today, we're going to talk about something that's very important to anyone taking music lessons: How can you most efficiently use your lesson time? What do I mean? Well--during your lesson, you're...

Beyond the Basics: Four Benefits of Music Lessons that Aren’t IQ Scores

Good afternoon and happy Wednesday! The response to our blog series for beginner vocalists got some lovely feedback, and for that, we are very grateful! A lot of the feedback, however, asked us to widen our audience. What about beginner instrumentalists?...

Adult Beginner Vocalists: Singers’ Secrets (4/18/18)

Welcome back to our Wednesday Night blog series! If you missed us last week, this blog series is for Adult Beginner Vocalists. We'll be giving tips and tricks of the trade to new singers, and answering questions along the way! This week in Adult Beginner...

Adult Beginner Vocalist: Singers’ Secrets (4/11/18)

Welcome to our inaugural blog post for our your new favorite Wednesday-Night-Read: The Cunningham Music School's new blog series! Enjoy our first installment in Adult Beginner Singers: Singers' Secrets! Why Make a Blog Series Specifically For Adult...

Sing at home with Early Ears and Ms. Lauren!

Ms. Lauren Lucerne (MT-BC), the head of our developmental music department, is here to play a music game with you and your little ones. If you had fun, why not come join the party in person? Come and shake your sillies out at our Early Ears Open House!...

A Grand Opening: A look back at the first six months of the Cunningham Piano Music School

Read to find out more about where our music school began six months ago, where we are now, and where we’re headed–and all the great musicians we’ve encountered along the way.


Your $15 monthly membership will include the following:

  • Links to sheet music for the song of the month
  • Weekly emails with glee club news and tips for learning songs
  • Access to our monthly glee club socials, led by the Cunningham Music School Vocal Teachers, where we will sing the monthly song together in a fun, relaxed, no-judgment environment.

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Glee Club

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