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The Hailun Company began as a successful manufacturer of piano parts to the world’s piano market. They have been used by a variety of makers, including several of Europe’s most prestigious manufacturers and they developed a reputation for consistency and quality. In 1986, Hailun became an independent company and, using the newest and most advanced technologies, began to produce pianos.

Up until 2005, Hailun was making their own instruments, but were also providing manufacturing and partial manufacturing to many other companies, including Brodmann and Palatino. It was at this time that Mr. Chen Hailun decided that rather than putting so much energy into serving other manufacturers, he would concentrate solely on developing a worldwide reputation for his own product, the Hailun piano.

To that end, Mr. Hailun Chen hired some the finest names in piano design and production and is taking advantage of their expertise:

The Chief Designer for Hailun is American George F. Emerson. With 32 years of piano design experience with well-known companies such as Baldwin Piano and Organ as well as Mason & Hamlin, Mr. Emerson’s unique expertise has lead to innovative contributions to Hailun’s production work.

Tuning, voicing and sound quality are the purview of European Zlatkovic Sibin. Mr. Sibin counts 20 years in the industry and was affiliated with the famous European piano builder Bosendorfer.

Senior Technical Advisor, Austrian Peter Veletzky, has spent his life in the piano building business. He became, at the age of 22, the youngest person in Austria at that time to become a licensed piano producer.

Ema Shigeru of Japan serves as Head of Production for Grand Pianos. With over 30 years of experience with Kawai, Mr. Shigeru also worked at Asahi. Personally examining every grand piano produced at Hailun, Mr. Shigeru’s dedication and commitment to excellence are evidenced by the consistent quality of Hailun Grands.

CNC (Computer Numerical Control) governs both production and assembly line processes as a part of Hailun’s objective to ensure that the quality of product meets world standards. “Five Axis Machining” is used throughout the production process. This technology ensures that all components are machined to exacting specifications and guarantees a precision outcome every time with each component manufactured.