Patrick J. Cunningham, the Founder of Cunningham Piano Company.

Excerpt from "Conversation with Vincent Persichetti" by Rudy Shackelford :

"In the beginning, God created a Cunningham player piano. I was two and played Verdi, Schumann, and Nevin piano rolls, hanging onto the music rack as I tried to reach the pedal mechanism with my feet."

The Cunningham Tradition

The Philadelphia Inquirer, our region's primary daily newspaper, recently did a multimedia profile honoring Cunningham Piano Company's history. Click the logo to view:

John Dunphy, Director of Music Department, Villanova University:
"If you live in the Philadelphia area and don't know Cunningham Piano Company, you haven't been in the Philadelphia area very long."


Cunningham Piano Company was started in 1891 by Patrick J. Cunningham, an Irish immigrant with a craft and a dream. Through his leadership, commitment to quality, and a keen business sense Cunningham Piano Company quickly became one of Philadelphia's most respected makers of pianos.

Throughout his tenure as President of the company, Patrick J. Cunningham saw his company expand and thrive, gaining awards for both quality and design. However, The Great Depression was a huge detriment to all businesses and just before the beginning of World War II, Cunningham Piano Company ceased production and their staff focused on helping the war effort. After the war concluded, we began a new chapter. Cunningham Piano Company concentrated on piano restoration.

Today, visitors to Cunningham Piano Company have the opportunity to take a step back in time and tour one of the largest and oldest piano restoration factories in existence. They can look over the shoulders of some of the finest craftspeople in the piano industry as they lovingly bring musical treasures back to life. They can also audition an exciting new addition to the Philadelphia musical community - the NEW Cunningham Piano!

Consider this an invitation to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity. Educate yourself if you are considering investing in an instrument or restoring one of your own. Learn why Cunningham Piano Company regularly has customers visit us from all over the United States and from all over the world. See the area's largest selection of new and fully guaranteed restored pianos–and see why generation after generation have put their trust in us.

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