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Jason Andino leads a team of some of the finest piano rebuilders in the country and has dedicated his whole life to the art of piano building. Mr. Andino served in a key position at Steinway & Sons in New York for over 14 years installing soundboards and pinblocks in new and restored Steinway grand pianos. His father had been employed at Steinway for 25 years in the same capacity. Today, he is the Head Technician at Cunningham Piano Co.’s four story piano rebuilding facility, as well as working intimately with the technicians at the Manhattan School of Music. Due to his recognized success by the piano technical community, Mr. Andino was asked to teach a class on soundboard duplication for the Piano Technician’s Guild’s Mid Atlantic Convention.

Jason Andino places a specific pride in the reproduction of soundboards in premium level, artistic quality pianos. His intimate knowledge of Steinway’s processes spills over to many other famous brands, including Bosendorfer. In 2013, Mr. Andino headed Cunningham’s rebuilding team while restoring an Imperial Bosendorfer concert grand, the biggest and most expensive model of piano in the world. This Imperial was reintroduced to Philadelphia by famed pianist Peter Serkin who performed an all Beethoven recital at Haverford College to rave reviews.

Andino’s team of Cunningham technicians have become known in the piano rebuilding industry as being the authority on the restoration of mid to late nineteenth century grands, otherwise known as the transition from the Forte Piano to the modern grand.  His father, Angelo Andino, was honored by being selected to an elite team of craftsmen that were asked to restore the Steinway grand at the White House during the Carter Administration.  The tradition of piano wood working is one that for centuries has been handed down from father to son.  Cunningham Piano is proud of the efforts that the Andino family has endeavored to preserve these time honored traditions.

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