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Kurzweil Professional Digital Pianos are highly notable for their incredibly accurate piano sample library and cutting-edge technologies.

The Kurzweil Story

The story of Stevie Wonder’s technical challenge to Ray Kurzweil that ultimately motivates the inception of Kurzweil Music Systems.

Kurzweil CUP2

The ideal alternative to an acoustic piano.  This handsome digital piano looks, sounds, and feels like a tradition compact upright piano.  The famous Triple Strike Grand Piano is front and center with a dedicated selection point along with the 88 amazing sounds....

Kurzweil CUP120

Do you love the Andante CUP110 but wish you could add your very own rhythm section?  No problem, the CUP120 is your choice. With 78 different patterns available, your options will seem endless. Additionally, the cabinetry is upgraded to enhance the piano. Available...

Kurzweil CUP110

The breathtaking recreation of a German built 9' Concert Grand in the Andante Digital Piano goes far beyond what was previously thought possible.  With a full complement of sounds, a fantastic 45 Watt sound system, and an elegant cabinet, the Andante is an excellent...

Kurzweil M3W

Real wooden keys, 200 spectacular voices, a two track recorder, over 100 rhythms, and a USB plug and play computer port make this the perfect work station at your home or for the teaching lab.  The options are endless and the sound is incredible. Available...

Kurzweil MPG200

This grand piano combines a classic look with a load of fantastic options. It possesses a rich piano sound that is worthy of a concert hall and the outstanding craftsmanship can be seen as well as heard.  This piano can add sophistication to any decor. Available...

Kurzweil MP-20

Building on the success of the MP-10, this model offers 200 sounds, 100 preset rhythms, an expanded recording option, and MIDI ports.  The MP-20 gives the most value in the digital piano market today. Available in the following finishes: Rosewood Black Polish Rosewood...

Kurzweil MP-10

The classic digital piano, with a full 88 note, weighted action with 88 expressive sounds, including the award winning Triple Strike Grand Piano.  The sensitive touch can be upgraded to a Fatar action upon request. Available in the following finishes: Rosewood Black...

Kurzweil MPS10

The perfect portable piano solution. 88 sounds, including 10 fantastic pianos compliment the full 88 key range with full sized, standard keys. Upgrade to the Italian Fatar action to make this a professional's dream come true!

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