When Marc-Andre’ Hamelin purchased his Estonia at Cunningham Piano Company, he commented:
"The level of craftsmanship in the ESTONIA piano can only inspire the highest respect and I have no doubt that this piano will continue to prove essential to sensitive musicians."


WRTI, 90.1 FM is Philadelphia's only classical music station. Recently they moved into a new facility and needed a recital instrument. Their natural choice was the Estonia. Hear Dr. Indrek Laul interviewed by WRTI's Jill Pasternak by clicking here. 

So what is the Estonia piano? Originally made in small numbers by a small group of artisans, the Estonia was once one of several regional builders who lovingly made artistic quality instruments for the amateur enthusiast and the professional alike. During the Soviet Era it was one of the only artistic grand pianos available to players behind “The Iron Curtain”.  Although the Estonia was more than capable, the pianos made under the Soviet regime were not competitive with their Western counterparts.

When the Iron Curtain fell and the company privatized in the early 1990’s everything changed.  This piano has undergone an incredible transformation since then.

Dr. Indrek Laul is largely responsible for what the Estonia piano has become today. A well trained concert pianist himself, Laul became a large shareholder and then owner of the company by the mid 1990’s. He was able to reignite the passion in the staff. Personal initiative was rewarded for the first time in a generation and the piano quickly transformed.

The materials used, the designs, and the workmanship have all been raised to the highest level. Consider this an invitation to visit us and audition these world-class instruments yourself.

To find out more about the heritage of Estonia Piano, take a look at this video...