Steven Shaver, Senior Piano Technician; Indiana University's Jacobs School of Music, Bloomington:
"I have no question of the quality of work that Cunningham Piano Company has provided us in their rebuilding services.  They have been straightforward, clear, and consistent in their dealings with us and we are very satisfied with the final product they provided."

Steve Greenstein, RPT, Curator, The Pleshakov Piano Museum :
"The rebuilt Mason & Hamlin grand piano that you delivered to New Paltz, NY is one of the nicest pianos that I have tuned in years. It was a delight! What beautiful work!"

Classic Tone. New Life.

Cunningham Piano Company has had a long history in the art and science of piano restoration. 

Our staff of 15 technicians are continually updating their skills and have had the honor of having trainers come from several manufacturers to supplement the in house training program that has been in place for years. We have earned awards from Mason & Hamlin, Renner, and others for their success in using the finest materials and execution in our work. We have made it a company priority to continually strive for the finest quality in service, product, design, material, and execution. Additionally, our staff travels worldwide to study manufacturing details, products, and restoration techniques being used and we apply the finest of what we find right here in Philadelphia.

Cunningham Piano Company has earned the respect of clients internationally and we enjoy frequent visits from artists, customers, and friends from around the globe. 

Cunningham has delivered rebuilt and restored Steinway pianos to Japan, Korea, and all over the United States. They have delivered fully restored pianos as far as Canada, London, Germany, and India and are internationally recognized for the consistency and beauty of their work.
Locally, Cunningham can count Temple University, Rowan University, Eastern University, Chestnut Hill College, and Immaculata College as their clients, but music schools like Indiana University, Bloomington regularly use our services, even though we are hundreds or thousands of miles away.
When service is required after a restoration, Cunningham has the unique position of having world-class rebuilders, concertizers, and finishers at the disposal. of our clientele. These gentlemen have one purpose - to keep your instruments performing at their best for many years.

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