The Roland Classic Series represents a tremendous value for the home, practice, or smaller worship space.


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When Cunningham Piano Company decided to expand our offerings to include artistic quality organs we had two concerns.

First, our choice of offerings must provide unmatched performance. The innovation in technology present in every Rodgers organ is due to the fact that the company spends over $2.5 million each year in research and development. That investment has resulted in Parallel Digital Imaging - still the only digital generation system that provides the natural dimensional presence of sound found in a pipe organ. 

Second, our choice must be able to provide unmatched support. When an individual or a place of worship chooses an organ, it is a substantial investment that is expected to last for decades. It is vital that they have assurance that the product will be supported in the future. Unlike smaller companies, Rodgers has unique financial stability and deep technical capabilities because of being a member of the ROLAND CORPORATION. It is an incredible experience to walk through the Rodgers facility in Hillsboro, Oregon and see the huge space where parts are stored. The company stocks over $1.5 million in parts and has parts availability for every Rodgers organ ever built!


 "As a concert organist, I perform on instruments of many different builders and styles, each with its particular strengths; as an artist I look for beauty in all. I am very pleased with my purchase of a Rodgers 588. It is particularly impressive that the system allows me, with relative ease, to customize a default voice palate to suit my tastes. This is an instrument that I will enjoy for many years."

- Peter Richard Conte, Wanamaker Organist

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