A Prized Collection.

At Cunningham Piano Company, our mission is to have the most varied, high quality piano inventory available anywhere. To accomplish this, we strive to have the most comprehensive piano restoration facility in the United States and to select the finest new pianos from around the globe.

We take pride in our place in Philadelphia history and make customer satisfaction the responsibility of each of our employees. We market our products and services at a competitive price and believe that have succeeded only when our customer's expectations have been exceeded.

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Please browse a selection of our most desirable rebuilt and reconditioned instruments. See over 100 more by visiting us in person!

1919 Fully restored Steinway model O
The original Steinway model O has been admired for it's ability to be both a powerful solo piano and a sensitive chamber instrument. View More Pictures and Video
1919 Steinway M in brown mahogany
Fresh from our restoration facility, this Steinway M plays and sounds beautifully!
1939 Steinway "Long Scale" A
We get many phone calls for this model as it is so flexible in performance. This piano is no exception and the comments we have received from the musicians who have auditioned it have been overwhelmingly positive!
1975 Reconditioned Steinway L - looks and plays new - at a fraction of the price
When a piano like this one comes through our restoration facility, the result plays BETTER than when this piano was brand new! Come, play, and see what how much performance can be had for how little investment!
1997 Steinway M in satin ebony
This instrument represents a tremendous value in a beautifully Steinway grand piano.
2000 Steinway B - perfected by Cunningham in 2012!
This is a World-Class, High Quality instrument that costs thousands less than a new one. It is definitely worth a trip to audition this piano. We can have you picked up at the airport, no troubles! View More Pictures and Video
280 - 9'2 Schimmel Concert Grand Piano
There are more Schimmel grand pianos onstage in Western Europe than any other maker and this is a consummate example of their finest concert grand piano. View More Pictures and Video
6\'4\" Chickering grand in Mahogany - Early 20th Cen. (Model 116)
In the early 20th Cen. there were several piano makers that produced a high quality artistic instrument in the United States. Chickering was one of them. Hear this tone and you may fall in love. Come and visit us and learn more!
A beautifully reconditioned Steinway Pianino
This name of this rare piece in Spanish, Russian, Italian, and French means "small piano", even though it is a studio design. Steinway went through great lengths to make a tall piano "appear" smaller. It looks beautiful and performs beautifully too.
A fully reconditioned Steinway L in American walnut from 1967
This is a chance to get a Steinway piano at an unbelievably reduced price. Audition this piano and fall in love!
A gorgeous exmple of Macassar Ebony - offered by Schimmel.
Schimmel is Germany's most awarded piano and this instrument is a beautiful example of that heritage. Hand crafted in Macassar Ebony, this piano looks as peautiful as it performs.
A RARE FIND - 5'6" Estonia grand in satin ebony - USED
Signed by Dr. Indrek Laul personally - this 5'6" Estonia is a hand built piano priced lower than some mass produced instruments. Audition this piano and find out why so many have fallen in love with this brand!
A Steinway O in gorgeous French Provincial mahogany
This early 20th C. piano is currently in our restoration facility. We cannot wait for it to be auditionable!
A Yamaha U-3 in polished ebony
Very well cared for, this piano was traded towards a restored Steinway O. This piano is a wonderful opportunity for any family considering a fine upright piano ata bargain price.
Bosendorfer - The Imperial
An instrument unmatched in performance, dimension, and praise, The Imperial by Bosendorfer was born from the request of Busoni for a piano that would perform to the scale of a pipe organ. The result was so stunning that it has become an icon to musicians. The famous pianist Marc Andre Hamelin remarked about this model, \"This is not a piano, it is an orchestra.\" At less than 10 years old, this piano is a rare find.
Bosendorfer 214 - ALMOST NEW!
This piano enjoyed a stay at The National Opera company in Washington, DC and use by Placido Domingo! Bosendorfer sent this piano to to us due to their confidence in our ability to make it "showroom perfect" again. This is a rare opportunity to own a piano regularly used by a world class artist!
Bosendorfer 225 - Polished Ebony
Bosendorfer - Built for the stage - Produces a rich palette of sound colours from the softest pianissimo to the loudest fortissimo. Four additional sub-bass keys extend to bottom F.
Bubinga Mason & Hamlin - Model A
The designer cabinet is almost as beautiful as the tone on this lovely 5'8" hand built American grand piano.
Charles Walter console in Oak
Save thousands while choosing one of the only hand built American built upright pianos available today. Charles Walter builds less than 500 pianos each year to exacting standards. Hear and see American quality at an attractive price.
Chickering 5\'4\" grand in burled walnut
Chickering was one of the top five makers in the United States when this piano was built. A beautifully striking cabinet and a classic American tone make this instrument a \"must play\" piano.
Chickering 6'4" in Ebony
A rare cabinet and a beautiful piano - This Chickering was originally built in 1903.
Completely restored Knabe Concert grand piano in Rosewood
This piano was built in the 1870's and represents a different standard and a different voice from a "modern" concert grand. Designed as a showpiece as well as a concert quality instrument, this is a rare piano and an education for any serious pianist to audition.
Cunningham 5'10.5 Parlour Grand - New
Cunningham 5'10.5" shown in Mahogany Polish. Available in Ebony. This model recorded on by Patti LaBelle, Jim Brickman, and Rockstar Studios. A Philadelphia favorite of countless professionals.
Cunningham Parlour Grand - LaBelle
This Cunningham spent a recording session with Philadelphia Favorite Patti LaBelle and received her autograph directly after - Unfortunately, not for sale, but unbelievably cool! "2008 - Love Always - Patti LaBelle"
Cunningham Parlour Grand - Watts
Hand Signed by International Pianist Andre Watts, one of the world's most celebrated pianists, after being played in concert at the Philadelphia Cricket Club - Currently being auctioned off to benefit the Academy of Community Music
Estonia 168 - originally bought from us in 2004
Beauty in tone and cabinetry! This Estonia grand performs as if it were new... but for thousands less! Audition this wonderful opportunity.
Estonia Baby Grand - 168
Ebony Satin 5'6" Baby Grand - an instrument combining traditional European craftsmanship and highest quality components, with a warm, singing, romantic tone.
Estonia Grand Piano Model 190
Sitkovetsky performs on his very own Stradivarius, an intrument built in 1717 and worth over 3M. That's precisely why a visitor to their London town house can't help noticing the grand piano sitting in their living room... It's an Estonia.
Kawai KG-2D in polished ebony
Fully reconditioned and prepped to perform as if new, this piano is a great choice for any home or small recital space on a budget.
Knabe 6'4 - Ebony Satin
Baltimore's premier piano from the golden age of American Piano Manufacturing brought back to life by SMC. New instrument with a full Renner Action and Eastern White Spruce Soundboard.
Mason & Hamlin 5'4" Grand
Mahogany vintage Mason & Hamlin - this is a very desirable piano and considered by many the finest instrument in this size range ever built.
Mason & Hamlin A
Rebuilt and Refinished 1930 Mason 5'8" Grand Piano - Mahogany Satin - Original Mason brought back to life to growl again!
Mason & Hamlin AA in mahogany - save thousands!
Purchased New four years ago. Mahogany satin 6'4" grand piano by Mason & Hamlin - in immaculate condition and plays beautifully
Original Weber Grand in Victorian Rosewood
The Weber company built one of New York City's most beautiful instruments, and this 7 ft. grand in rosewood is no exception. Beautifully rebuilt in a Victorian rosewood, this is a piano that must be seen in person.
Petrof 6'3" in ebony polish
Hand built in the Czech Republic, this Petrof offers a fantastic performance for a fraction of the cost of a new one.
Pyramid Mahogany Mason & Hamlin Grand
This gorgeous cabinet accentuates the classic American Tone that is Mason & Hamlin.
Schimmel 7 ft. semi concert grand piano
This piano, originally built in 1995, is a substantial instrument and is a tremendous value - a rare find! Schimmel's finest series available at the time, it features a full Renner action and the highest quality components available.
Schimmel in Macasar Ebony - Almost New!
This Schimmel grand piano was built in 2008 and represents an outstanding value with a unique and beautiful look.
Steinway Centennial in Rosewood
This piano is one of only 424 pianos that rocked the piano world. Steinway premiered this model at the Philadelphia Exposition in 1876 and introduced the world to the Steinway Concert Grand. Made out of solid sections of Rosewood, this grand shares construction techniques with it\'s European counterparts. It\'s method of construction is significantly more expensive than what is available today. After eleven months of meticulous reconstruction, it is poised for concert work again. Just imagine playing 19th Century composers works on the piano that they actually wanted their works performed on.
Steinway in ribbon cut Mahogany
Steinway 6 ft. grand circa. 1912 - This piano has been totally rebuilt and restored and performs beautifully! This is the perfect piano for the professional or avid amatuer
Steinway M in Mahogany
Mahogany Satin Steinway M - 5'7" - Fully rebuilt and refinished by our staff, this piano performs beautifully!
Steinway O in mahogany - 1923
A beautiful mahogany cabinet completes a tone and touch that is captivating. This is a piano that has just been completed and is absolutely worth auditioning.
Steinway rosewood concert grand piano!
Often called Steinway's first concert grand, this piano was built in 1876 and it is their first piano with 88 notes and their first model with a sostenuto pedal.
Steinway Studio Piano
Beautifully reconditioned Steinway Studio. This is a piano that plays much larger than it's size.
Yamaha U-1 studio piano
This professional studio is a fine example of this model. This piano is fully reconditioned and ready to serve for many decades.
Yamaha U1 in polished ebony
Fully reconditioned and plays like brand new! Compare with dozens of other choices on our floor!
Young Chang "Pramberger Series" grand w/ PianoDisc
A beautiful baby grand in polished mahogany - it has a custom installation of a PianoDisc system that has been gone through by one of our staff experts. This piano is a great value!