Cunningham Piano Company also does world class restoration on all of the world's finest makers. Composition students at Haverford College enjoy hearing their pieces performed by members of Philadelphia's The Network for New Music using a Bosendorfer Imperial that was recently restored by us.


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Cunningham Piano Company is well known for our work on Steinway pianos and our company has attracted customers from all over the world. Every Steinway grand piano that we offer is carefully and lovingly rebuilt, restored, and refinished to perform at it's absolute best.

Many professional musicians who purchase from us feel that the Steinway piano that was manufactured years ago have potential to perform even better than what the company offers in a new piano, while actually costing much less to the musician. After all, these pianos were built slowly by hand, were made to last up to seventy years; and actually designed to be rebuilt to last another lifetime or more.

Institutions like Temple University, Immaculata University, Rowan University, Chestnut Hill College, Eastern University, and many others have chosen us to restore select Steinway pianos used in thier music programs because these professionals knew that this was a much better way to use their budgets than to purchase even the same models in a new piano.

Here are what a few customers have said about the Restored Steinway piano that they chose here at Cunningham:

Michael Wallach, Prof. of Brain Sciences, Duke University:
"I want to thank you and Cunningham for the superb job you did restoring our 1901 Steinway type O grand. It sounds wonderful - the warm tone and the action are exactly what we hoped for."

Harvey Wedeen, Chair of Keyboard Dept., Temple U. Boyer College of Music:
"...what a spendid job you did! The piano emerged in beautiful shape: the sound was lovely, the case restored to its original luster, the interior looking as if it had just come from the Steinway factory brand new."


Marja Kaisla, Director of The Delaware Valley Conservatory, The Lansdale Center for the Performing Arts, and an active performer:
"I spent months searching for a grand piano that I loved the sound of and that had an action that would hold up to my six hours of playing every day. I chose a 1918 restored Steinway at Cunningham Piano Company and it has performed beautifully."


Jonathan Coopersmith, Assoc. Conductor, The Philadelphia Singers; Artistic Director,Nashira; Faculty, Curtis Institute:
"The minute I walked into Cunningham Piano so many years ago and worked with you, I knew we'd have a long relationship. Thanks for all you've done to support me over the years, both professionally and personally. I'm proud to have sent so many people to buy their pianos from you!"



Hugh Sung, Pianist; Faculty, Curtis Institute:
"After Cunningham put my Steinway L through their restoration facility, it sounded and felt better than when it was brand new."
Howard Baxter, Director of Fine Arts, Abington School District:
 "Cunningham Piano Company renovated the Steinway Model B the Abington School District uses on the Abington Senior High School auditorium stage. The piano looks and plays beautifully. Our directors report it has great response and feel. Cunningham Piano Company was awesome to work with, very responsive to our every need."
 Dr. John Pierce, Juilliard Graduate and Director of Fine Arts, Bloomfield, NJ - I have played many new Steinway B pianos. I was just so pleased with your rebuilds that it made no sense for us to purchase a new one. Our 1929 Steinway B has been freshly rebuilt by your skilled staff and we look forward to enjoying it for many years. Thank you, Cunningham!