1924 Rebuilt Steinway Model L Grand Piano

The Steinway model L was designed and first manufactured in 1923. At a little over 5’10”, this piano had a wider, more sweeping tail than its predecessor, which resulted in a larger soundboard in the same sized instrument. For the Steinway family, this piano represented a new type of thinking that put more stress on the body and depth of tone, even in the smaller instruments designed for the home.

This model L was originally built in 1924, so it was one of the first model L pianos built by Steinway. It has been beautifully rebuilt in our Philadelphia piano restoration facility. The restoration features a custom built action produced by the famous Renner (https://www.louisrenner.com/en/) company of Stutttgart, Germany. The piano has hammers produced in the New York Steinway factory and has a new pin block, tuning pins, strings, and dampers. The treble and bass bridges have been recapped and the piano has been beautifully refinished in a hand rubbed ebony satin lacquer finish.

To demonstrate the amazing range of color and power of this piano, we perform a work that was composed in 1924: Gershwin’s beloved Rhapsody in Blue. Enjoy!

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