A vintage Mason & Hamlin BB embodies the idea of the “American tone” in a grand piano. The “American tone” is shared by some of the great names in domestic vintage pianos here in the USA and is characterized by a warm powerful sound that is rich and colorful, but also capable of the smallest pianissimo.

When Maurice Ravel toured the United States for the very first time, he found the Mason & Hamlin piano and used it on his tour. He commented, “While preserving all the qualities of the percussion instrument, the Mason & Hamlin piano also serves magnificently the composer’s concept by its extensive range in dynamics, as well as quality of tone. It is not short of being a small orchestra. In my opinion, the Mason & Hamlin is a real work of art.”

This Mason & Hamlin BB was originally built in 1930. It was fully rebuilt 15 years ago and the original customer has now traded this piano back to us. Because a well cared for grand piano can serve a lifetime (or more) this piano is a wonderful value.

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