A Restored 1905 Steinway Model B 7′ Grand Piano

1905 was a pretty special year. Albert Einstein introduced the world to E=MC² – Claude Debussy premiered his symphonic masterpiece, “La Mer” – and Steinway & Sons built this Model B 7′ piano. This piano was a prime example of the instruments from the early 20th century that made Steinway famous. Frankly, we have had musicians choose a piano like this simply because it performs so well. The rebuilding staff at Cunningham Piano Company, who have been chosen by colleges, universities, and professionals across the nation, have just fully rebuilt this instrument. It will perform as a new piano, but it is also a piece of history.

Pianist Hugh Sung demonstrates the symphonic range of colors you can get with this magnificently restored piano by playing excerpts from a solo version of Debussy’s “La Mer”. A 1905 masterpiece played on a 1905 piano!

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