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What is the point of bringing babies to a music class? It seems a little silly sometimes to be bringing a person that can’t even talk or walk yet to a class about singing and dancing! What can they gain from that?


Today, we spoke to Lauren Lucerne MT-BC about just that. Lauren has a Bachelor’s Degree in Music from Temple University’s Boyer College and is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Education at Holy Family University while working for the Council Rock School District. She runs her own Parent-Child Music Class in North Eastern PA and is one of the experts working with the Cunningham Piano Co. Music School in developing our Early Ears Club.


“One of the most important parts of parent-child music classes, for me at least, is for the babies’ first experience with music to be positive.” she says. “They may not remember it, but we subconsciously hold onto a lot of things from our earliest developmental stages. A positive first experience with music will pave the way for a lifetime of positive experiences with music.”


Lauren also spoke about some skills that are garnered from the class. “Well, we develop some listening skills and some musical listening skills–musical listening skills are called aural skills. The children can learn the difference between loud and soft, which develops their musical ear. They can start to tell the difference between fast and slow music, and other basic listening skills.”

The biggest benefit? Lauren says that the class can help plant the seeds of some really important skills that even adults need to work on. Multi-tasking can be difficult for anyone of any age! “In music classes geared towards children under the age of 5, we start to work on developing those skills early, working with moving and listening at the same time. This develops both gross motor skills and aural skills–and to move and listen as a baby, toddler, or young child is pretty complex.”


In addition to talking Lauren about what she sees in the children teaching a parent-child music class, we spoke to another expert about why having the parents involved really helps the learning process. “They move and sing with and for the babies. They encourage toddlers to participate. Particularly for the very youngest musicians, hearing a parent sing back what the teacher just sang helps them learn the song, even if they can’t sing it back yet.”


Are you interested in our Early Ears Program? Visit Cunninghampiano.com/musicschool or call 215-991-0847. Is King of Prussia is just too far away? No problem! Lauren also teaches in Northern Bucks County, and can be contacted at 610-350-7198.

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