Han Nah Son has an international career that would put James Bond to shame! Han Nah was born in South Korea, then at the age of 9 her family moved to St. Petersburg, Russia. There, she met a piano teacher who encouraged her to pursue a career in music, so she enrolled in the Rimsky-Korsakov Conservatory. She continued her studies at the Freiberg Hochschule, then transferred to the Hochschule Hanover in Germany. If that weren’t enough, she went on to study with another pianist/mentor in Thailand. Han Nah got her doctoral degree in piano performance in Boston, then finally ended up in Philadelphia for the most romantic reason of all. Han Nah brings a remarkable international perspective to her music.

Works performed: “Reflets dans l’eau” by Claude Debussy
“Danse Russe” by Igor Stravinsky
Featured Piano: Yamaha CF4
Piano Technician: Dave Bender
Shot on location at Cunningham Piano Co. in King of Prussia

Han Nah Son’s Website: https://www.hannahson.com/

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