Happy happy happy Wednesday! Welcome to the THIRD (!!!) installment of Beyond the Basics.
As a beginner in music lessons, you likely haven’t spent a lot of time dedicated to practicing. It may seem daunting or intimidating, and it may even seem boring–I promise it is neither. Read on with me for my four tips on how to get enjoyment out of every time you practice!
Treat this time that you spend on yourself and your musicianship like a luxury: Practicing a skill for yourself is a self-indulgent thing–approach it that way! Make a warm cup of tea, change into something cozy, and get ready to spend time on just yourself. If you’re the parent of a younger beginner musician, let them de-stress during this time. Kids are inundated with technology and homework and so many extra curricular activities–they need to stop and breathe even if they don’t know they do! Encourage your child to think of their practicing time as a time for just themselves.
Set Goals and Celebrate Them As You Reach ThemIt’s easy to loe the fun in something if you have a large, lofty goal that you won’t reach until you’ve studied music for a long time. Have several different sets of goals for yourself: daily, weekly, and big picture. It’s easy to get lost in the big picture goal–make sure that you celebrate and acknowledge the goals that you or your student reach every single time they practice!
Talk To Your Teacher: You hired them to help, didn’t you? Be vocal about having issues getting to practicing–let your teacher know if you’re having trouble getting yourself to do it. Finding an enjoyable and educational approach to learning music is the reason that you’ve hired a teacher–let us do our job! Sometimes, there are things you won’t like that we can’t change–but sometimes we can make them a little easier!
Share What You’ve Been Doing!: Practicing WILL give you successes–so share them! Musicianship is, of course, intrinsically rewarding–but why not share your newfound talent? Once you’ve practiced a piece enough to share it, do so! Start a Youtube channel, cover a song on Facebook live, ask your teacher to post a clip of you playing on the Cunningham Music School’s social media, post some clips on your Instagram, play a piece of music for your parents or your kids or your partner or your best friend, go to an open mic, join a music group at church or in your community–whatever you’re comfortable with, but share what you’ve been doing!
We hope that you’ll keep these tips in mind. Comment below if you have any more tips for us! We’ll see you guys next week with Beyond the Basics: Four Tips for Starting to Read Music!
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