Happy Wednesday and welcome back to Beyond the Basics!

Today, we’re going to talk about something that’s very important to anyone taking music lessons: How can you most efficiently use your lesson time?

What do I mean?
Well–during your lesson, you’re given plenty of information from your teacher. Students often make leaps and bounds of progress during their lesson time. Today, we’ll give you some tips on how to make the most of your lesson time, and how to retain all of that progress.

Keep track of your practice time. Your teacher wants to know how you’ve gotten to the point that you’ve gotten to at the time of your lesson. Did you make a huge leap and practice the same amount, or did you practice much more this week? Did you solve a problem without adjusting your practice time, it just all came together at once? Knowing how much a student practices helps a teacher realistically track their progress, and see where that progress is coming from–this information assists them with using the lesson time in a way that would be most beneficial to you. Also–don’t be afraid to tell the teacher that you went a week without practicing! It’s much better to let them know than to have them wondering what about the concept you went over last week had you stuck–teacher’s will assume that you’re confused or didn’t grasp something if they don’t see improvement over the week! They won’t be upset that you told them that you didn’t practice, they’ll be glad to know why your rate of progress changed so suddenly.

Take notes right in your music. Don’t assume that you’ll remember your teacher telling you that one part of othat ne piece of music needed that one thing to happen in it–you won’t. Take notes in pencil right in your music to help you apply the discussion that you and your teacher are having to your practice!
Have a lessons notebook. This is helpful for both the student and the teacher. Did you learn a new warm-up? Did you get theory homework to do? Did your teacher assign you specific pages or measures to practice? Did you get a note that was too large to fit into your music? Put it right in your notebook! You can also put your practice log right there! For Young Beginners, it’s very important for parents to know exactly what the student needs to practice–they can write it down with their teacher during their lesson and over the week, all mom and dad have to do is check the lesson book to see what their student should be practicing.
Come in with questions. Did your child not understand how to count the rhythm of the song they were working on? Did you fudge a few measures and just don’t know how to fix it? Are you having trouble singing a particularly high or fast passage of music? That can go right into your lessons notebook! Bring it up to your teacher right in the beginning of your lesson–that will save time for both of you!
We hope that these four tips on making the most of your beginner lesson were helpful for you! Do you have any tips and tricks that you would recommend? Comment below! And don’t forget to join us next week on Beyond the Basics, where we’ll cover how to make practicing fun!
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