Good afternoon, all! Welcome, as always, to Beyond the Basics with the Cunningham Music School! We are smack in the middle of our recital season, with our final Spring Recital taking place this Friday. We have had lots of excited first-time-performers working with us this year (and some not-so-excited). Here’s what THEY have to say about beating the jitters:

Be Prepared: Practice practice practice! Make sure this is a piece that you’re comfortable with–something that you and your teacher have been working with for awhile. It’s natural to get cold feet and want to change songs at the last minute, but we suggest that you stick to your guns and show off all the amazing work you’ve already done, instead of showing something you may not have worked that much on yet!

Trust Your Teacher: Believe it or not, your teacher will always put you onstage with music that shows off your talents and skills. You will absolutely be showcasing the best parts of the work you’ve done, and it’s always exciting to show off your accomplishments.

Take A Deep Breath: Relax! Think about the music, and don’t worry about the audience or what anyone else thinks about your playing.

Remember to Enjoy Yourself!: This is your moment and the result of your hard work–remember to have fun with this! Don’t let pressure and stress and the preparation bother you, because that’s not what matters! What matters is you sharing your interpretation of a beautiful piece of music–you have something to say and that matters.

Beyond the Basics is going on a Summer Recess, but we’ll see you at the end of June for a blog about choosing a beginning instrument!

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