The Art of Piano Finishing

In this video, we explore the art of piano finishing. One of our customers recently purchased a 1910 Mason & Hamlin BB 7 foot grand piano, but as a school piano it was in a dismal state of disrepair, with gum strewn about the bottom of the keyboard and missing parts. Fortunately, the customer happened to be Edwin Baccardo, who is a world-renowned master finisher in Bridgeport, PA. Edwin consulted with Cunningham to do the restoration work on the soundboard, pinblock, and action, with the understanding that he would do the cabinet and cast-iron frame finishing himself. Piano finishing is painstaking work, requiring lots of patience through the sanding, filling, and coat building processes. Cunningham Piano Co. co-owner Rich Galassini and Edwin have known each other for 25 years. While the piano still needs to have the frame re-installed, strung, and action work finalized, we're excited to be collaborating with Edwin and helping him realize his dream of playing a beautiful piano!

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