AvantGrand Playlist Tutorial

How To Play A Playlist On An AvantGrand

The Yamaha AvantGrand is a magnificent hybrid piano, combining the real wooden action of acoustic grand pianos with the digital sounds of concert grand pianos that never need to be tuned. But did you know that this piano is also great for providing background music for parties and dinner soirees? In this video, I show how to find an awesome collection of songs online, using Yamaha MusicSoft (www.YamahaMusicSoft.com), loading them into a USB thumb drive, then setting up a Yamaha N3X AvantGrand to play the list of songs from the drive, either in order, or as a randomized list. This technique will work for the N3X and N1 models of hybrid grand pianos.

The Yamaha family of AvantGrand hybrid grand pianos can all play standard MIDI files. With Yamaha MusicSoft, you can find a wide range of songs for your piano across a wide variety of genres, artists, and price points. So when you’re planning your next party or romantic dinner, be sure to load up on your playlist and set up your AvantGrand to create the perfect musical atmosphere!