A Room full of Musicians

Professional Musicians Agree: This Skill is Absolutely Essential!

Sira Jittapirom
What do music theory, aural skills, and sight-reading have in common? They are all necessary skills for musicians who plan on getting above the beg...
Dr. João Paulo Casarotti Playing Piano

Dr. João Paulo Casarotti's search for the perfect piano

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Brazilian pianist and pedagogue Dr. João Paulo Casarotti recently traveled 1200 miles from Louisiana to Cunningham Piano Co. to find the perfect piano.
Piano Belly

What is a Piano Belly?

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The Piano Belly consists of: 1. A Soundboard, 2. Bridges, 3. The outer rims of the piano, and 3. The Pinblock, all of which provide pitch and amplification.
reparing a piano.

Open Heart Piano Surgery

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Patient: A 1986 Steinway D concert grand piano Symptoms: Piano has difficulty staying in tune, despite repeated, frequent tunings Diagnosis: Patien...
Piano Keys

What Are Piano Keys Made Of?

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What are piano keys made of? Originally, they were made solely of woods of different shades to indicate the "white" and "black" keys. Later, ivory ...
piano pedals

What do the piano pedals do?

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What do the piano pedals do? Pianos, keyboards and digital pianos can have one to three foot pedals that perform various musical functions. The mos...
King of Prussia

An Afternoon in Vienna

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On Sunday, April 30 at 3 pm, join us for an unforgettable Afternoon in Vienna. Experience the sights, sounds, and flavors of Vienna, the world capital of classical music and the birthplace of the Bösendorfer piano.