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Small Kids Smiling and Enjoying in Music School

In Early Ears, you and your child can explore music together in group settings with rhythm games, sound activities, and movement exercises designed to stimulate your child’s cognitive development, creativity, and love for the arts.

For children 6 months to 6 years old.

Early Ears News

Lucia Explains It All: Why Is Violin So Good For Little Musicians To Pick Up?

Today, we sat down the Ms. Lucia Lostumbo--she's the founder and head of our upper strings program. For a long time, we've believed that piano is the best instrument to start your wiggly pre-school aged musician on. Lucia has managed to convince us...

Keeping up with the Cunningham Music School: Summer in King of Prussia

Happy September! Schools are back in session, our Fall Semester has begun, and the beaches are emptying. We've had an amazing summer filled with meeting a bunch of new friends, and unfortunately saying 'See ya later!' to some staff members that we love....

Beyond the Basics: Four Ways to Beat Performance Anxiety

Good afternoon, all! Welcome, as always, to Beyond the Basics with the Cunningham Music School! We are smack in the middle of our recital season, with our final Spring Recital taking place this Friday. We have had lots of excited...

The Music Student’s Secret to Success

I know it sounds ridiculous that every music student's success should come down to one thing. How could that be possible? There's tons of different instruments, musical styles, and levels of achievement. I promise, this isn't some trick:I've...

Beyond the Basics: Four Tips for Beginner Music Reading

Good evening and happy Wednesday! We hope you didn't miss us too much on our week off--we were enjoying the sun and looking forward to Memorial Day Weekend!This week in Beyond the Basics, we'll highlight some key things to remember as you begin to learn to...

The New Student Summer Sale!

Our Second Annual New Student Summer Sale Started last week on May 24th and runs until Thursday, May 31st. New students can register to the school and purchase their first ten lessons for $199 for piano lessons, violin lessons, viola lessons, and voice...

Keeping Up with The Cunningham Music School: New Program Announcements!

This September, we will be coming up on our first year of offering voice lessons and piano lessons! September will also mark a year of Early Ears Developmental Music and the beginning of the development of what would eventually become the Shining Stars...

Beyond the Basics: Four Things That Make Practicing Enjoyable

Happy happy happy Wednesday! Welcome to the THIRD (!!!) installment of Beyond the Basics. As a beginner in music lessons, you likely haven't spent a lot of time dedicated to practicing. It may seem daunting or intimidating, and it may even seem boring--I promise it is...

Beyond the Basics: Four Tricks to Make the Best Use of Your Lesson Time

Happy Wednesday and welcome back to Beyond the Basics! Today, we're going to talk about something that's very important to anyone taking music lessons: How can you most efficiently use your lesson time? What do I mean? Well--during your lesson, you're...

Beyond the Basics: Four Benefits of Music Lessons that Aren’t IQ Scores

Good afternoon and happy Wednesday! The response to our blog series for beginner vocalists got some lovely feedback, and for that, we are very grateful! A lot of the feedback, however, asked us to widen our audience. What about beginner instrumentalists?...


Membership Sign Ups–Class Resumes on 9/1/18

You can purchase Early Ears lessons for $40 a one hour session for your whole family. Lessons packages are non-refundable and sold in packages of 6, 8, 10, or by the semester. What does this cost include?:

  • Weekly group music activities led by child development specialists at the Cunningham Music School’s King of Prussia location
  • All musical toys and instruments provided at the group activities
  • Weekly emails with news and parenting tips to help develop your child’s creativity and cognitive potential


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