Johannus Organs, part of the Global Organ Group, are a joy for the ear and the eye, and Cunningham Piano Company is proud to represent these fine instruments in Philadelphia and the surrounding areas. In particular, we were delighted to feature the Ecclesia D-570 installation at Aldan Union Church, in Aldan, Pennsylvania in a special program to re-introduce these products to our markets.

The impressive Ecclesia series is Johannus at its very best. Available in 5 different models, these instruments are affordably priced, powerful enough to suit large worship spaces and capable of speaking gently in the ear of the listener as well as filling every corner with rousing pipe-organ music.
The 4 manual, 80-voice Ecclesia D-570 includes pipe samples from four different schools of organ building and these samples, thanks to Real Time Sampling technology, can reproduce the sound of pipe organs with incredible precision. (Put on your headphones and just listen to Lee Milhous play! You’ll see what we mean.) Whether exploring Aeolian-Skinner sampled sounds, English organs by Willis, the French Romantic sounds of Cavaillé-Coll, or other historic instruments of German and Dutch builders, The Ecclesia Series from Johannus represents an outstanding value in digital church organs. With many features, options and configurations available to the customer, these organs offer excellent versatility without the expense associated with customization.
For those interested in a truly unique residence organ experience, the LIVE, by Johannus is the instrument to provide a classical pipe organ experience in your home or music studio that allows you to play directly on the authentic organs standing in famous international churches and cathedrals, from Paris to Dresden. The comfort of your own living room can be the setting for a whole new world of musical excitement. The beautifully designed draw-knob console features three manuals with 50 stops, (each with a small display over the wooden drawknob that shows the name of each stop as the sample changes), available from up to 5 immediately accessible authentic pipe organs. Available in 8 standard wood finishes and a complete audio system designed into the console, LIVE can be a whole new world opening at your fingertips.
The Johannus line of instruments includes home and chapel consoles, at very reasonable price points in the Studio and Opus Series, Ecclesia for larger spaces, and the Monarke Series for custom designed solutions to for any musical need.
For those who want to know, The GLOBAL ORGAN GROUP encompasses the resources of the largest organ builders in the world. Under the parent organization of the Van de Weerd family, Johannus, Makin, Copeman-Hart and now Rodgers Instruments USA represent a broad range of instruments varying from affordable, small organs for private homes to enormous, handmade organs for churches and concert halls. As a company that is active exclusively in the digital organ market, every requirement of any music program can be met through the strength of shared knowledge and experience, a worldwide range of products and services and the common goal of producing high-quality organs that are an investment that will continue to resonate in the future. In every way, Cunningham Piano’s Classical Organ Group offers products that satisfy your every musical need while meeting the demands of stewardship and trust.
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