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Recently, Concert Organist Dan Miller gave a workshop for the musicians of the Presbyterian Church of Deep Run to familiarize them with the rich features of the Rodgers Artist Series 579 organ. Cunningham Piano Co. is proud to be the regional representative for Rodgers Organ.

Despite the modest building size and the low ceilings in the sanctuary, the Rodgers Artist Series 579 provides an extraordinary range of pipe organ sounds, sampled from some of the finest organs in France, Germany, England, and America. As no physical pipes need to be installed, this can be a great option for churches with limited space and budgets.

“I’m excited about this organ because there are so many sounds, so many things to do,” remarked Betty Trapp, organist for the Presbyterian Church of Deep Run. “You can make it sound like an old-time organ with great piano sounds, as well as loud and powerful organ sounds. A lot of variety.”

In addition to traditional organ sounds, the Rodgers Artist Series 579 also provides a rich set of orchestral voices, sampled from actual acoustic instruments and performing artists playing them. This provides the organist with a tremendous palette of creative options for worship settings, weddings, concert and other church functions.

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