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Whether in your church, studio or home, you cannot consider a finer musical value than a Rodgers Organ.

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On Sept. 2015, Pope Francis said Mass in Philadelphia. A Rodgers Organ from Cunningham Piano Company was requested for the occasion.

Rodgers Organ is Beautifully Played in Event by Sandor Kadar“I love beautiful pipe organs and have played them most of my life. However, when I play a digital organ I clearly prefer the Rodgers.”
– Sandor Kadar, FAGO, Organist for Papal visit to Philadelphia, 2015

Cunningham Piano, Titanium Level dealer for Rodgers Organs

Cunningham Piano is proud to be a Titanium Level dealer for Rodgers Organs. This award recognizes Cunningham Piano Company for its commitment to excellence in service and knowledge about providing the best Rodgers Organs for our customers.

Among the many artists who have enjoyed the brilliant achievements of Rodgers Organs are Virgil Fox, Pierre Conchereau, Claire Coci, Fernando Germani, Herman Berlinski, George Thalben-Ball and Richard Morris, Ted Alan Worth, Joyce Jones, Keith Chapman, Douglas Marshall, John Grady, Frederick Geoghan and Diane Bish, all of whom enjoyed playing the Rodgers Touring Organ known as “Black Beauty” and later, “The Royal V”.  Today, artists like Dr. Christoph Bull, Felix Hell, Sandor Kadar,  and others enjoy the touch and tone of a Rodgers instrument.

Virgil Fox, an american rodger organist known for playing heavy organs

Peter Richard Conte - a concert organist performs on various instruments of different builders & styles“As a concert organist, I perform on instruments of many different builders and styles, each with its particular strengths; as an artist I look for beauty in all. I am very pleased with my purchase of a Rodgers 588. It is particularly impressive that the system allows me, with relative ease, to customize a default voice palate to suit my tastes. This is an instrument that I will enjoy for many years.”     – Peter Richard Conte, Wanamaker Organist

Rodgers Instrument Corporation is located in Hillsboro, Oregon where all Rodgers Organs are built.  Incorporated on May 1, 1958, founders Rodgers W. Jenkins and Fred Tinker were members of a Tektronix team who developed transistor-based oscillator circuits and their company was the first to use this “leading-edge” technology in classic organs. Other Rodgers innovations in the electronic organ industry included solid-state organ amplifiers, single contact diode keying, reed switch pedal keying for pedalboards, programmable computer memory pistons and the first MIDI supported church organs. Rodgers is the only digital organ manufacturer to build pipe-organs as well as being the leader in hybrid (pipe-digital) organ technology.

Originally controlled by officers of Tektronix and the founding engineers, Rodgers became part of CBS Musical instruments along with Steinway & Sons pianos, Fender guitar, Rhodes electric pianos, Gemeinhardt flutes and Lyon & Healy harps in 1977.  In 1988, Rodgers became part of the Roland Corporation and produces Roland’s Atelier home organs as well as the Roland Classic instruments.  Today’s line of instruments includes the Classic Series, Artist Series, and the Infinity Series with features and options to suit any budget.

Rodger - The Part of Roland Corporation and Roland Classic instruments

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