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In this video, we visit the “finishing room” at Cunningham Piano Co.’s Germantown factory to sample a Schimmel 189 6’3″ grand piano that has been perfectly optimized. Here at Cunningham Piano Company we occasionally get a call from a customer who very recently bought a fine piano from us, but for one reason or another, they find that the piano is not being used, or they simply need to sell it. The Schimmel pianos have been hand built in Braunschweig, Germany since 1885.  They are very nicely built pianos but every piano can be improved. In this video we chat about what happens to any grand piano as it “settles in” during the first few years of play, how we deal with the expected changes in the piano, a process we call “optimization”. What is optimization? It is the process of making sure every part of the thousands of action components are perfectly aligned for the best sound. That can involve a combination of voicing the hammers, tuning, adjusting the keyboard and hammer action (regulation), and other details. Even relatively new pianos can benefit from optimization to make them sound their absolute best, and the difference can be stunning. Watch the video and listen for yourself!

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