Piano Of The Week: Grotrian Upright Piano

In this episode of Piano Of The Week, we’re featuring a Grotrian upright piano with a rich, warm tone that’s perfect for Brahms and romantic music. Grotrian pianos are hand built in Braunschweig, Germany, and less than 300 of them are built each year. In the mid 1800s, there was an association with the Grotrian family and Theodore C.F. Steinweg.

Theodore’s father was Heinrich Steinweg, who came to America in 1850 and Americanized his name to Henry Steinway. Later on, Theodore left his association with Grotrian to join his father. Everywhere in the world, this piano is known as a Grotrian Steinweg, but in the USA it is just known as the Grotrian piano.

2 years ago, Jason Andino, Cunningham Piano’s Director of Factory Operaions, and co-owner Rich Galassini spent time in the Grotrian factory, and got to see first hand how they build their pianos by hand and in small numbers. It’s inspiring to see that old world craftsmanship still thrives and continues to produce unique, individualized voices in the piano world. We love collaborating with our partner piano manufacturers and sharing their craft with the world!

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