Huge Piano Selection at Affordable Prices

At Cunningham Piano, you will find some of the finest Grand Pianos and Upright Pianos in the world.

Between our flagship showroom in King of Prussia and our Germantown factory showroom, we keep a wide variety of grand and upright pianos in stock for you to explore and discover your favorite.


Featured Piano Of The Week

Our “featured piano of the week” video series gives you a chance to see, hear, and explore the finest pianos available at Cunningham Piano. This is a great way to discover the perfect piano for your needs!

Cunningham Piano is Best of Philly 2019

What is Best of Philly? Philadelphia Magazine (  is one of the most well known magazines in Tri-State area. They highlight everything Philly - what’s amazing, what’s not, and everything in-between. Each August, they publish an issue called...

Cunningham Piano at the 2018 Piano Technicians Guild National Convention

Even after being in business since 1891 with over 300 years of combined experience with our master technicians, Cunningham Piano is dedicated to constantly learning more about the piano craft to better serve our customers.

The Flying Concert Grand Piano!

We were very pleased that, after searching as far north as Connecticut and as far South as Washington, D.C.

A Musical Tribute to Joseph Cossolini

Joseph Cossolini was born in Hoboken, NJ in the shadow of Manhattan. He attended high school at Hudson Regional Catholic High School in Jersey City. Joe once commented that he was so close to New York in those days that “if the wind blew right you could smell what...

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What is “Piano Action”?

Piano action is all of the moving parts that connect a pianist's fingers to the strings. It starts with the white and black keys and ends with felt covered hammers. In between, there are dozens of parts for each key to help control the entire range of the hammer...

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From piano tunings to voicing and keyboard regulations, cabinet repairs and full restorations, our team of dedicated artisans and craftsmen are world-renowned for their quality and expertise. We can help keep your piano sounding and looking pristine, and make older pianos look and sound brand new.

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