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From Disklaviers to Silent Pianos Hybrid AvantGrand Pianos and Clavinovas, we invite you to explore the world’s most advanced digital pianos and traditional pianos with technology.  Get in touch with us for more information or to make an appointment with one of our Yamaha digital piano experts.


Featured Digital Piano Of The Week

Our "featured digital piano of the week" video series gives you a chance to see, hear, and explore the finest digital pianos from Yamaha. This is a great way to discover the perfect digital piano for your needs.

Composing with a Hybrid Piano

Composing with a Hybrid PianoThe efficiency of composing music with a digital piano over traditional methods is roughly equivalent to the difference between writing with a pencil and writing with a computer. It's much faster to enter notes or chords into a...

Yamaha’s Flagship CLP Clavinova: The CLP-695GP

Yamaha's Flagship CLP Clavinova: The CLP-695GP Are you looking for the elegant beauty of a grand piano in a compact space and don’t want to compromise on the sound, touch, and responsiveness of a grand piano keyboard action? If so, then the Yamaha...

Cunningham Piano is Best of Philly 2019

What is Best of Philly? Philadelphia Magazine (  is one of the most well known magazines in Tri-State area. They highlight everything Philly - what’s amazing, what’s not, and everything in-between. Each August, they publish an issue called...

Yamaha CVP-700 Series Clavinova Clearance Sale

The Yamaha CVP-700 series Clavinovas are a musician's creative playground. These digital pianos feature thousands of instrumental voices, hundreds of accompaniment styles from all over the world, 16 track recording capabilities,...

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Clavinova Cafe

Have you dreamed of being able to play your favorite songs on the piano? At Clavinova Cafe, we use the latest Clavinova technologies from Yamaha to discover how easy and fun it is to learn to play your favorite songs on the piano – no prior playing experience required! We’ll provide the Clavinovas and the coffee, all you need to bring is your sense of fun and adventure!


From piano tunings to voicing and keyboard regulations, cabinet repairs and full restorations, our team of dedicated artisans and craftsmen are world-renowned for their quality and expertise. We can help keep your piano sounding and looking pristine, and make older pianos look and sound brand new.

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We invite you to explore our inventory of pre-owned console, upright, and grand pianos. We also carry the finest digital pianos that combine cutting-edge technology with authentic keyboard actions and incredible sounds. We also represent the world’s finest traditional pipe, hybrid, and digital organs to fit any house of worship or home budget.

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