The Matchless Cunningham

“Musical Standout & Good Value”
-“The Piano Book”, Larry Fine
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“Speaking as a pianist, I like the New
Cunningham quite a bit. It has a very nice tone and action.”

George Crumb,
Professor Emeritus and Annenberg Professor of the Humanities, University of Pennsylvania

“I’ve had my Cunningham Piano now for almost two years, and it has been terrific! It sounds wonderful, and it looks really great! Thanks so much for all your support, and for creating an instrument of such quality and value.”

Jeffrey Khaner
Principal Flutist, The Philadelphia Orchestra
The Juilliard School, Faculty
The Curtis Institute, Faculty

“I am quite pleased with my New Cunningham Piano, especially in comparison to what else is available – even for many thousands of dollars more. I have trust in the product and the company and highly recommend this piano.”

Jonathan Coopersmith,
Director of Musical Studies, The Curtis Institute of Music

The Matchless Cunningham

Cunningham Piano Company was started in 1891 by Patrick J. Cunningham, an Irish immigrant with a craft and a dream.

Through his leadership, commitment to quality, and a keen business sense Cunningham Piano Company quickly became one of Philadelphia’s most respected makers of pianos.Throughout his tenure as President of the company, Patrick J. Cunningham saw his company expand and thrive, gaining awards for both quality and design. However, the Great Depression was a huge detriment to all businesses and just before the beginning of World War II, Cunningham Piano Company ceased production and their staff
focused on helping the war effort. After the war concluded, we began a new chapter. Cunningham Piano Company concentrated on piano restoration.Today, visitors to Cunningham Piano Company have the opportunity to take a step back in time and tour one of the largest and oldest piano restoration factories in existence. They can look over the shoulders of some of the finest craftspeople in the piano industry as they lovingly bring musical treasures back to life. They can also
audition an exciting new addition to the Philadelphia musical community – the New Cunningham Piano!

Patrick J. Cunningham once said, “We will dispense with the endorsements of Paderewski, Von Bulow, Rubinstein, Wagner, Mendelssohn, and several other celebrities, also prize medals received in Paris, Vienna, London, Philadelphia, and Chicago, by putting our argument to the point, and in a nutshell: We offer $10,000 for a better piano than the Matchless Cunningham.”Because no one ever took him up on his offer, his piano remained Matchless. It is bold concepts such as this that still echo through the halls of the Cunningham Piano Company.

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The driving force of the Matchless Cunningham Piano is to address a present need – to offer a premium instrument that gives an artistic performance at an affordable price.The positive feedback from our clients has been immediate. Our client list is as impressive as the piano itself.Schools, teachers, artists, and students have all given us the most impressive praise possible… hey have invested in purchasing the New Matchless Cunningham piano for themselves. After all, it is a part of Philadelphia history.

With the help of legendary piano designer George F. Emerson, the expert piano technicians of Cunningham’s piano family, and the award winning Ningbo Hailun Musical Instruments, the New Matchless Cunningham has been created from the ground up using the highest quality piano parts available and the best construction techniques. Building upon the traditions founded by Patrick J. Cunningham in 1891, the New Cunningham combines massive maple piano rims with wet sand cast plates that sing and sustain.

According to Larry Fine’s “Piano Buyer” Book, the New Matchless Cunningham was ranked as equivalent or better in quality than many models from Yamaha, Kawai, & Boston. (Reference Here) And his review of our piano can be found here.

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