Cunningham Baby Grand - 5'

Yamaha Corporation of America has recently made a major change in our authorized dealer network, resulting in the re-purchase of a significant amount of Yamaha grand pianos, upright pianos, digital and hybrid pianos.

The smallest in the grand line, the Matchless Baby Grand is designed to offer the maximum amount of tone while not physically overwhelming a room. The incorporation of a wide-tail scale creates a larger soundboard surface area than is normally found in a piano that is five feet long.This Baby Grand will satisfy a demanding pianist while still being a pleasant part of your room’s decor.

Philadelphia Design

Slow Close Piano Lid
Featuring custom designed German Abel hammers

German Abel hammers

Extra Wide Casters

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Cunningham Piano

Cunningham Piano Company was started in 1891 by Patrick J. Cunningham, an Irish immigrant with a craft and a dream. Through his leadership, commitment to quality, and a keen business sense Cunningham Piano Company quickly became one of Philadelphia’s most respected makers of pianos.


From piano tunings to voicing and keyboard regulations, cabinet repairs and full restorations, our team of dedicated artisans and craftsmen are world-renowned for their quality and expertise. We can help keep your piano sounding and looking pristine, and make older pianos look and sound brand new.

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Cunningham Piano Company is proud to represent the best piano and organ manufacturers in the world. We invite you to discover our vast inventory of new and used instruments. Contact us to have one of our representatives assist you in finding the best piano or organ at the best price for you.

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