Yamaha SU7 - Full Upright Piano in Ebony Polish

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From their initial design to the selection of the choicest materials, their impeccable craftsmanship and painstaking final preparation, no effort has been spared in creating these instruments of rare and uncompromising quality. They offer superior performance and expressive control for the most accomplished pianists, with delicate response, a broad palette of tonal coloration and a resonance rarely found in a vertical piano.

The SU7 incorporates a range of high-quality materials and advanced construction features that provide numerous performance advantages to the player.  As the flagship of Yamaha's upright models, the SU7 is a perfect reflection of timeless craftsmanship and new-world refinements. Handcrafted using only the best materials, the SU7's solid body construction resonates dynamic sonority with magnificent balance. In a simple, elegant design led by Yamaha’s refined specifications, the SU7 captures the beauty and power of Yamaha premium pianos in a sleek upright piano.

As the flagship of the upright piano line, the SU7 incorporates the highest quality materials in all aspects, including the action parts. The polished design and superbly engineered precision of the individual parts ensure a smooth, responsive touch and accurate control over pianissimo. With superior agraffes and hammers up to specification with those used in the coveted Yamaha CFX concert grand, the SU7 boasts premium, concert-worthy quality.

A number of refined details complement the SU7’s traditional upright piano design, including a fine artificial leather affixed to the bottom of the music rack and a high-quality, gloss-finished wood panel on the inner surface of each sideboard. These small, yet significant details in the design give the SU7 a simple beauty and premium quality that is pleasing to the eye.

The SU7 features a six back post construction with a high-quality European spruce soundboard - the same that is used in Yamaha concert grand pianos. The superior materials and precise manufacturing techniques of the craftsmen used on the soundboard and back posts of the SU7 offer outstanding quality as well as durability, and enables the pianist to achieve a beautiful room-filling sound.

With the simplicity of its cabinet design and a dual adjustment top support, the SU7 delivers superb natural resonance and enhanced acoustic performance. In addition, refined leg top blocks and a stylish fallboard with hidden internal hinge provide a new level of elegance and refinement in design.

Available to audition in our Cherry Hill, NJ showroom

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