Rare 1912 Steinway Long Scale Model A 6’4″ Grand Piano

Many Steinway piano designs have gone through multiple changes over the years. The Steinway Model A, for example, started as a 6′ piano, then eventually settled into a 6’2″ design. But for a brief time, a 6’4″ model was built to compete with the likes of the legendary Bösendorfer Model 200. This “long scale” A is highly sought after by Steinway aficionados, who treasure its rich sonority combined with exquisite clarity of tone throughout the piano. In this video, we feature a beautifully restored 1912 Steinway Long Scale Model A 6’4″ grand piano, built during Steinway’s famed “Golden Era”. What you get is a magnificent piano with the power of a Steinway Model B in a frame flexible enough to fit in either the recital stage or the discerning home.

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