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Philadelphia is excited to host The World Meeting of Families and Pope Francis during the same week! We at Cunningham Piano are excited to provide the finest in a classical organ for the Masses all week and for the Papal Mass on the Ben Franklin Parkway on September 27th.

When Pope Francis says an outdoor mass at his home in Italy, a Rodgers organ is used, so when he visits Philadelphia, Cunningham Piano will provide him with a Rodgers Infinity organ, model 361 (pictured above).

The organist for The Papal Mass, Sandor Kadar, visited us to spend a little time with the instrument before his performance. Luckily for the students at The Northeast Conservatory, Mr. Kadar was here when they were touring our piano restoration facility. He kindly  took the time to explain how the organ worked and how it was different from a piano. Then he gave them a quick demonstration, which was caught on video (See the video to the left).

We look forward to hearing this organ accompany the crowd gathered for the Papal Mass on Septemebr 27th.

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