Cunningham Piano is an industry institution, having served lovers of the piano since 1891. Beautiful piano restoration has garnered them an international reputation and their restoration facility has restored thousands of pianos over many decades and has shipped restored pianos around the world.

Get To Know Restorations

Restorations are the processes involved in making an old piano look and sound brand new. From cabinet refinishing to complete soundboard, pinblock, and keyboard action replacement, our experienced team of artisans can restore any piano to showroom and concert hall condition.
Jason Andino Factory Manager - Restored Steinway Grand Pianos

We have made it a company priority to continually strive for the finest quality in service, product, design, material, and execution. Additionally, our staff travels worldwide to study manufacturing details, products, and restoration techniques being used and we apply the finest of what we find right here in Philadelphia.

Cunningham Piano Company has earned the respect of clients internationally and enjoys frequent visits from artists, customers, and friends from around the globe. Cunningham is internationally recognized for the consistency and beauty of our work, having delivered rebuilt and restored pianos to Japan, Korea, Great Britain, Germany, India, as well as all over the United States.

Finest Quality Piano Restoration & Maintenance Technique

Locally, Cunningham can count Haverford College, The Baldwin School, Temple University, Rowan University, Eastern University, Chestnut Hill College, William Penn Charter, Germantown Friends, and Immaculata College as a part of our client list, but music schools like Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana (a top five music school in the country) regularly uses our services, even though we are hundreds or thousands of miles away.

Cunningham Piano Maintenance & Restoration Services

When service is required after a restoration, Cunningham has the unique position of having world-class rebuilders, concertizers, and finishers at the disposal of our clientele. These gentlemen have one purpose – to keep your instruments performing at their best for many years.


Caring for Your Piano

To ensure that your piano sounds its very best, we recommend having your piano tuned twice a year when the seasons change. Regular tunings will also help our technicians address minor mechanical issues that can prolong the life of your piano when addressed quickly. If your piano is subject to changes in temperature or humidity, we also recommend having a humidity-control system installed to keep your piano in tune longer, prevent soundboard cracks, and avoid costly keyboard action problems down the road.

Cunningham Piano is Best of Philly 2019

What is Best of Philly? Philadelphia Magazine (  is one of the most well known magazines in Tri-State area. They highlight everything Philly - what’s amazing, what’s not, and everything in-between. Each August, they publish an issue called...

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Secrets of Piano Action

Secrets of Piano Action Revealed Many folks think that playing the piano is like using a typewriter: press a key, you get a note. But on a typewriter, there are two main limitations:You can't change what each "note" looks like, andYou can't repeat that...

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A Beautifully Restored 1922 Steinway Model O Grand Piano

A Beautifully Restored 1922 Steinway Model O Grand Piano Our world-famous piano restoration facility is sought after by universities, artists, and piano lovers from all over the world to make older pianos look and sound like they're brand new. We recently...

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A Tour of the Bösendorfer Piano Factory

A Tour of the Bösendorfer Piano Factory What goes into building the world's finest - and most expensive - pianos? I was recently invited to record an album with international flute superstar Jasmine Choi at the famed Bösendorfer piano factory. We recorded...

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1924 Rebuilt Steinway Model L Grand Piano

1924 Rebuilt Steinway Model L Grand PianoThe Steinway model L was designed and first manufactured in 1923. At a little over 5’10”, this piano had a wider, more sweeping tail than its predecessor, which resulted in a larger soundboard in the same sized...

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Our Other Services

Cunningham Piano Company’s full-time team of dedicated artisans is available to help you restore, maintain, repair, and care for your piano, ensuring that your instrument will give you a lifetime of musical enjoyment. We can also install player piano equipment in most grand or upright pianos.

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