Cunningham Piano’s expert team of piano technicians will make your piano perform at its best.

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Caring for Your Piano

To ensure that your piano sounds its very best, we recommend having your piano tuned twice a year when the seasons change. Regular tunings will also help our technicians address minor mechanical issues that can prolong the life of your piano when addressed quickly. If your piano is subject to changes in temperature or humidity, we also recommend having a humidity-control system installed to keep your piano in tune longer, prevent soundboard cracks, and avoid costly keyboard action problems down the road.

A Tropical 1887 C. Bechstein Upright Piano

A Tropical 1887 C. Bechstein Upright PianoIn this video, we feature a remarkable C. Bechstein upright piano originally built in 1887 and meticulously restored by our world-famous piano artisans. Originally hand-built in Berlin, Germany, this piano was prepped for its...

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Rare 1912 Steinway Long Scale Model A 6’4″ Grand Piano

Rare 1912 Steinway Long Scale Model A 6'4" Grand PianoMany Steinway piano designs have gone through multiple changes over the years. The Steinway Model A, for example, started as a 6' piano, then eventually settled into a 6'2" design. But for a brief time, a 6'4"...

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Yamaha’s #1 USA Piano Dealer in Cherry Hill, NJ

Yamaha's #1 USA Piano Dealer in Cherry Hill, NJCunningham Piano with just won Yamaha's USA dealer of the year. That means the number one Yamaha piano dealer in all of the United States of America is located right here in your backyard! Let’s take a look at our Cherry...

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Our Other Services

Cunningham Piano Company’s full-time team of dedicated artisans is available to help you restore, maintain, repair, and care for your piano, ensuring that your instrument will give you a lifetime of musical enjoyment. We can also install player piano equipment in most grand or upright pianos.

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