The Shining Stars Performance Prep Program will consist of two semesters that will work together to make you or your child a more confident, marketable, and talented performer: the fall will be performance based, with the group coming together to form the Cunningham Show Choir. In the fall, students will learn repertoire and have performance opportunities around the area. This semester will be geared specifically toward musicality, music theory skills, aural skills, and stage presence. The spring semester will be more of an intensive to prepare students for successful auditions. Although they will still be learning repertoire as a choir, the focus will have shifted from performance as a group to individual artistic success. In addition to working as a group on show choir pieces, they will also be work shopping monologues, perfecting audition etiquette, work shopping solo pieces, welcoming special guests who have expertise in dance, and talking about how to navigate auditions for college, high school, community theatre etc.

This program runs during our fall and spring semesters and is appropriate for students from 4th-12th grade. Entrance to the program is only granted by auditions

Fall Semester Audition Dates (2018)- September 1st and 2nd from 9AM-4PM

Fall Semester Tuition per Child is $250

Spring Semester Audition Dates (2019)- January 5th and 6th from 9AM-4PM

Spring Semester Tuition per Child is $265

Full Year Paid In Full (18-19) Tuition is $450. Fall students who continue into the Spring Semester need not re-audition.

Beatrice Osborne - Director at The Cunningham Piano Show

Meet our Director: Beatrice Osborne

Beatrice Osborne, a long-time lover of singing and the stage, joins our staff in addition to her performance schedule and teaching schedule to spear-heard our Shining Stars Program. Beatrice boasts a long list of stage credits starting from a very young age, and has been able to play some of her favorite roles in some of her favorite shows. She looks particularly fondly at her performance of The Witch in Sondheim’s famous twisted fairytale, “Into the Woods”. She certainly doesn’t just fit in the musical theatre mold, as she also snagged first place in the Lancaster Opera Competition.

Since graduating college with a degree in vocal performance and receiving the Esther M. Schulz award for choral excellence, Beatrice has been auditioning, performing, and teaching voice and piano. She is thrilled to be the director of Shining Stars Performance Program, as it is an exact intersection of her skill set and interests. “In directing Shining Stars, I’m able to work with an ensemble of voices and work with performers in an academic setting, talking about blending, vocal technique, harmony, and the like–but I’m also able to work with things like stage presence, performance practice, choreography, solo work, acting schools and techniques, audition etiquette, and other things that just don’t come up in normal choral work or in a private voice lesson.” It’s important to have a show choir director that understands that the ensemble isn’t just about tight choreography and flashy smiles–there is performance practice and lots of technique that goes into performing in this regard, and Beatrice is excited to get to work with students who are interested in learning about that.

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