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In each episode, we’ll feature pianists of all ages and genres sharing their stories, music, and their favorite pianos. Be sure to subscribe to be notified whenever we post new episodes!

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Hot Jazz with Drew Nugent and the Midnight Society

Back in 2018, we were producing “The Cunningham Piano Show”, which featured performances and interviews with local musicians. One of our “lost” episodes featured the remarkable Drew Nugent and members of his Midnight...

It’s Never Too Late To Learn

Mike Evaniuk is living proof that it’s never too late to learn to play the piano. After only 15 months of lessons, he gives a beautiful performance of Erik Satie’s Gymnopédie No. 3. What’s even more remarkable is his method of taking piano lessons. When Mike decided...

Kirk Reese on The Cunningham Piano Show

  Kirk Reese on The Cunningham Piano ShowPianist Kirk Reese is on the faculty of Messiah College, where he teaches the art of improvisation in addition to classes on Jazz and Popular Music. This episode of The Cunningham Piano Show was filmed in Parmer...

Piano for a President

Piano for a PresidentTo help celebrate the recent inauguration of Dr. Ron Matthews as the new president of Eastern University, Cunningham Piano was honored to loan a Yamaha S7X 7’6” grand piano through Yamaha’s Premium Piano Tour. The Yamaha S7X is a brand new design...

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