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Man in black dress playing Piano

A Tale of Two Pianos!

Cunningham Piano Company is known for our piano restoration. Beautiful grand pianos are sent to us from all over the United Sates and beyond for

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We are helping to save the music!

Eric Wortham II grew up in Philadelphia, blocks from Cunningham Piano Company’s Germantown location. He came in regularly to practice and the staff allowed him

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Piano Belly

What is a Piano Belly?

The Piano Belly consists of: 1. A Soundboard, 2. Bridges, 3. The outer rims of the piano, and 3. The Pinblock, all of which provide pitch and amplification.

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reparing a piano.

Open Heart Piano Surgery

Patient: A 1986 Steinway D concert grand piano Symptoms: Piano has difficulty staying in tune, despite repeated, frequent tunings Diagnosis: Patient needs to have pinblock

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Piano Keys

What Are Piano Keys Made Of?

What are piano keys made of? Originally, they were made solely of woods of different shades to indicate the “white” and “black” keys. Later, ivory

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