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Welcome Back to Bösendorfer!

Sabine Grubmüller has been the Managing Director of Bösendorfer since 2015. She has never seen in her lifetime an episode of work stoppage that has

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Piano Belly

What is a Piano Belly?

The Piano Belly consists of: 1. A Soundboard, 2. Bridges, 3. The outer rims of the piano, and 3. The Pinblock, all of which provide pitch and amplification.

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reparing a piano.

Open Heart Piano Surgery

Patient: A 1986 Steinway D concert grand piano Symptoms: Piano has difficulty staying in tune, despite repeated, frequent tunings Diagnosis: Patient needs to have pinblock

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Baby Grand Piano

The Cunningham Baby Grand Piano

The Cunningham Baby Grand Piano is a 5 foot piano that sounds much bigger than it looks, thanks to expert knowledge of materials and custom scale design.

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