The Legendary Yamaha C7X Grand Piano

The Legendary Yamaha C7X Grand Piano

The Yamaha C7X grand piano is legendary for being the most recorded piano in recording history. Its 7’6″ frame provides the optimal acoustic dimensions for studios, concert halls, and discerning homes. Combined with Yamaha’s acclaimed keyboard action, this piano responds to the pianist’s touch with power, clarity, and a singing tone that has won the hearts of artists the world over.
Normally, I play short excerpts to showcase a piano’s characteristics, but given the legendary status of this remarkable piano, I thought I’d do something special and provide a full length performance of one of my favorite pieces, Chopin’s Fantasie-Impromptu. I have to confess, I’ve struggled with this piece ever since I was a child, and I think it had more to do with the fact that most pianos I’ve tried to play this on simply didn’t have the responsiveness or power to let me do what I wanted musically. What a joy to have a piano that lets me play the most difficult pieces to their full potential! I hope you enjoy this “full length” demonstration of the Yamaha C7X!

C7X Specs

Cabinet Finish Polished
Width 155cm (61″)
103cm (40 1/2″)
Depth 229cm (7’6″)
Weight Weight 913lbs
Control Interface
Number of Keys 88
Keyboard Action
Made by Yamaha
Key Surfaces – White Ivorite
Key Surfaces – Black WPC
Pedal Type
Damper / Sostenuto / Shift
Design/Architecture Detail
Hammer Type
CX Series Special
Caster Type Double Caster
Lid Prop Safety Stop Yes
Key Cover
Lid/Fallboard Locks Yes
Soft-Close Fallboard Yes
Frame Type V-pro
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