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The Philadelphia Orchestra is currently celebrating the city of Vienna and its important role in the history of Classical Music. Yannick Nézet-Séguin, music director, explained to the audience, “Vienna was the center of classical music. If you were a composer in this city or really, in this neighborhood, you could be influenced by the world’s finest composers and artists. They were all there.”

What better way to celebrate than to use the world’s finest piano, provided by Cunningham Piano Company, that has been made in Vienna since 1828? Of course, we are referring to The Bosendorfer Imperial.

Pianist Jan Lisiecki warms up for his performance with the orchestra. on Friday 1/15.

About to begin.

Jan and Yannick receive the audience’s applause. It was a spectacular performance from all.

​Jan Lisiecki, the young soloist, praised the piano. He said, “I have played about 100 concerts this year and this piano is different than anything I have played. I truly enjoyed the experience and I wish I could spend more time with this instrument.”

We quite enjoyed hearing you as well, Jan. Please consider this an invitation to come back to Philadelphia and spend more time with our city (and this piano) anytime you’d like.

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